Neil Hamburger is actually Gregg Turkington, a swell, very funny guy who recently stepped outside of his on-stage alter-ego to play an aging hipster in the small indie drama The Comedy. Once again refusing the dirty tux and awful comb over, the man is now joining his former co-star and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! collaborator Tim Heidecker for a new movie review show called On Cinema at the Cinema. If you enjoy either of their sense of humors, you'll dig this webseries, which is not an act, but actually the genuine working relationship between these sometimes bitter comedic masterminds. They are not highbrow critics, and their rapport is quite entertaining for anyone tired of the same old movie critic scene. We have their latest episode, where they take on A Good Day to Die Hard and Escape from Planet Earth. Their thoughts on both films are not what you might expect.

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