During at a press conference at Gower Studios in Hollywood to promote the August 28 release of Heroes: Season 1 on Standard and HD-DVD, show creator Tim Kring talked about working on what has to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2007.

Did doing commentary tracks for the DVDs cause you to have any insights about the episodes that you didn't already have?

Tim Kring: I personally only did one commentary.

Did that give you any more perspective?

Tim Kring: Yes, because it was a commentary of the original pilot. I have to tell you, I was really struck by, I was very please by watching it again after as many months. I really thought that we held very closely and very purely to the original look and feel and tone of the show. I was actually pretty amazed by it. I was also struck by how far characters had come, yet, you could see the kernel of all of them in the pilot.

Heroes: Season 1 comes to Standard and HD-DVD on August 28 from Universal Studios Home Video.