Tim Kring has decided that there are no questions about the Heroes mythology he's afraid to have answered - because each new answer only raises more questions. Kring spoke to SCI FI Wire where he revealed some of the big questions that will get answers this season.

"We've always had kind of a weird philosophy on the show that no question was so precious that we couldn't answer it, because there's always more questions to answer," Kring said "One of the things we really tried to do in this volume is to take all the core questions of the show, the basic questions that we started off with--Who am I? What's happening to me? How am I connected? Where did these powers come from?--we take every single one of these major questions and turn them on their head in this particular volume. Each one of those gets answered in new ways."

According to the report, the first hour of the two-part premiere answers so many questions that most shows would have difficulty keeping up the pace for the remainder of the season. Kring promises that Heroes will have no such problem.

"People are always shocked that that's really not a problem for us," Kring said. "What happens is when you create a storyline that has so many twists and turns and so many reveals and so many surprising moments, in a weird way, it actually generates more story. It's not like a tank of gas where you just run out of story. That really hasn't been a problem for us. You'll see as you stay tuned, we keep the pace up."

Part of the secret to the show's success at keeping such a fast pace is the breaking the show into 'volumes'. (The first season of Heroes was broken into two volumes, and the second season would have had a second volume had it not been for the WGA strike.) "Volume [III, Villains,] is 13 episodes long," he said. "Now, if we were a serialized show that just dragged our story along from year to year to year, we wouldn't be able to have that kind of pace. Because we know we are going to contain the entire story in 13 episodes, we're able to cram a lot into each episode."

Heroes is an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities. The show airs Monday nights on NBC. Season Three begins September 22, 2008.