Fantastic Four: According to Latino Review, Tim Story, who directed Barbershop, is the director for the upcoming comic adaptation of The Fantastic Four...

Tim just closed the deal to direct 20th Century Fox upcoming marvel comic movie FANTASTIC FOUR, Fox’s tentpole release slated for summer 2005. As of 5pm PST our sources confirmed this information and the trades (Variety) will confirm tomorrow. Tim Story directed Barbershop and has good word of mouth on the upcoming movie TAXI, starring Queen Latifah.
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Just as well, the scooper feeding the site this information also tipped them off to a few of the casting rumors revolving the project...

First up is THE THING, our source tells us that Michael Chiklis currently the star of TV hit series The Shield is up for the role as Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing.

Second is DR Doom our source also tells us the recent Oscar winner Tim Ribbons is up for the role for Dr.Doom.

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.