Former Handmade Films executives Guy Collins and Michael Ryan, who used to work for the company behind the original 1981 Time Bandits directed by Terry Gilliam, are pushing ahead to turn the fantasy adventure into a new franchise aimed children. And here I thought this whole time that Time Bandits was a kid's movie.

The project was previously being set up at Handmade Films International out of England, but it is now being handled by an unnamed co-producer in Hollywood. No story details were given at this time. Let's just hope that their intent to gear it towards younger audiences doesn't mean that the property will lose its dark edge.

Time Bandits is an adventure story that revolves around a young boy who gets mixed up with a roving band of dwarfs using a time map to steal treasure. Your Highness, which opens this April, pays loving homage to the original movie, and will probably serve you better if you are looking for a true turn on this subject matter.

Saying that you are going to aim a Time Bandits reboot at kids certainly sidesteps the fact that this was always a movie intended for the younger crowd. I guess in this day and age, children can't handle the one most dangerous drug in Terry Gilliam's arsenal back in the day: An imagination.

Guy Collins and Michael Ryan are also hoping to turn the 1980 thriller The Long Good Friday into a television series through their new production company GFM films. They already have Ray Winstone lined up to play the role of a gangster threatened by Irish Terrorist, which was originated by Bob Hoskins. They had original planned to do a theatrical remake with Paul W.S. Anderson behind the lens, but those plans were scrapped.