It's a bold statement but one that Dick Parson's appears prepared to live by.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, the Time Warner CEO feels that if Wal-Marts preposed download-to-burn kiosks are a hit with consumers, this could spell the end of the "download/DVD window."

Talking at the Credit Suisse Media Conference, Parson's seemed to feel that "studios, retailers and consumers" would benefit if this happened.

He went to explan that it would allow "retailers to avoid expensive inventory costs while enabling studios to reduce manufacturing costs and get product out to consumers more quickly. Consumers could get the movies they want it, when they want and in the format they want."

"If that happens you will see some obvious collapsing of the windows at least in relations to the day-and-date DVD release and download to burn," stated Parsons. "That would be the shift in windowing that I would look for."