Universal Studios Home Entertainment continues its HD-DVD onslaught!

In a story from DVD Town, the studio will be bringing out Timecop on December 26!


The perfection of time travel brings with it new opportunities for criminals. The government sets up a special police force (T.E.C.) to ensure the new technology isn't abused. Max Walker, one of these timecops learns of a corrupt politician's plot to become president using the device. Senator McComb discovers Walker on his trail and the real action begins--in Walker's own past!

Sadly, this release will contain no extras and we don't have any technical specs at this time.

Movie PictureAlso on HD-DVD from Universal that same day...

The studio will be releasing Cat People on HD-DVD.


In this loose adaptation of the 1942 horror classic of the same name, a 2001-style opening montage establishes some sort of sacrificial, mystical union between panthers and an ancient tribe of humans. Flash forward to 1980's New Orleans, where waifish Irina (Natassja Kinski) meets her older brother, Paul (Malcolm McDowell), a minister, for the first time since their animal trainer parents died and she was sent to a series of foster homes. Paul's Creole housekeeper, Female (Ruby Dee), helps Irina settle into her brother's home, but Paul himself disappears. Cut to a fleabag motel where a blas prostitute finds an angry panther instead of a client; after mauling her, the cat is captured by police and a team of zoologists: Oliver (John Heard), Alice (Annette O'Toole), and Joe (Ed Begley Jr.). The next day Irina finds herself in the zoo where these scientists work; drawn to the newly captured panther, she befriends Oliver and takes a job in the gift shop.

Shortly after the panther's violence turns deadly, it escapes, and soon Paul turns up spouting an unbelievable story about his family's were-cat heritage and his inevitable sexual union with little Irina. On the run from her dangerous brother, Irina takes refuge in a sexually frustrated romance with Oliver, afraid of what might happen if she consummates their passion. Astute viewers will notice that the zoologist characters refer to the film's panthers as leopards; "panther" is actually a generic term for any large cat, especially a black one, but Cat People's panthers are in fact leopards whose black color comes from a recessive trait known as melanism.

DVD Features:

- Cat People: An Intimate Portrait by Paul Schrader

- Feature Commentary with Director Paul Schrader

- On the Set with Director Paul Schrader

- Special Makeup Effects by Artist Tom Burman

- Cat People Matte Paintings

- Filmmaker Robert Wise on the producer of the Original Cat People - Val Lewton

- Production Photographs

Technical Specs:

- Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

- Audio: English - Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 / English - Dolby Digital TrueHD 5.1

- Subtitles: English, French

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