Tim Bradstreet has been drawing cover illustrations for Marvel's The Punisher comics for over eight years. On the production blog for Dark Country, he reveals that while he is working on his last few covers for the Punisher comics, he may be working on posters for Punisher: War Zone:

In the midst of the craziness that IS Dark Country, I am also attempting to stay on schedule with my regular cover gigs. Working on a Punisher cover as we speak . . . and it will be one of my last. That's right (and I'm saying it officially here first), I believe issue 60 of Punisher Max will be my last on the regular title. It's been a very exciting 8 years of my life working on The Punisher, but I've always maintained that I would leave the book when Garth (Ennis) left and my editor is holding me to it.

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With any luck, the real swan song will present itself in the form of doing some film posters for Punisher: War Zone. That would be a nice way to go out, right there on top. Incidentally, It's been reported to me unofficially that Lexi, Gale, and company have paid me the ultimate tribute in the upcoming The Punisher sequel by naming one of the set locations after me . . . The Brad Street Hotel. Some shots of this location are floating around on line, but I have yet to confirm this as solid truth from the production. That'd be way cool though eh?

In addition to his work on covers for The Punisher, Bradstreet has also done numerous other illustrations for comics, role-playing games, novels and album covers. He has been the regular cover artist for DC Comic's John Constantine: Hellblazer, and created movie posters for the Constantine film adaptation.

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