It seems that Russian director Timur Bekmambetov is adding an English-language remake of a Russian film he produced. Variety is reporting that Bekmambetov is in talks to direct a remake of Black Lightning.

The film, which was released in Russia at the end of last year, was produced by Bekmambetov, who is now in negotiations with Universal to direct an English-language version. Universal co-produced the Russian version of the film as well.

The director also indicated to the site that a sequel to the Russian film is also in the works, which would center on a car-crazy student who soups up an old Soviet car and takes on the Russian criminal underworld.

We reported back in March that Bekmambetov was producing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with Tim Burton and he gave a brief update on that film to the site.

"This will be a serious but entertaining movie that deals with the most interesting and powerful person of the 19th century within an imaginary scenario that he was also an ax-wielding vampire hunter."

He also added that the film will be a, "purely American project," although he didn't know when the film would begin production as of yet.