They might not be in Kansas anymore, but they'll be on DVD this March.

Tin Man, which just aired on the Sci-Fi Channel on December 2, has already been slated for a DVD release on March 11. The two-disc set contains the entire 264-minute mini-series, and will be priced at $24.95 SRP. The mini-series stars Zooey Deschanel, Neal McDonough, Alan Cumming, Raoul Trujillo and Kathleen Robertson.

A science fiction version of The Wizard of Oz in which Dorothy gets sucked into an alternate dimension called the "Outer Zone" where the law enforcement officers are called the Tin Men. On her search for the way home, she gets help from three familiar characters. Among them is a cowardly, wolverine-like animal without a backbone, a wicked sorceress named Azkadellia and a wizard known as the Mystic Man.

Special Features

- Making Of' Featurette

- 10-minutes beyond the brick road exclusively for DVD

- Cast interviews

- Gag reel

- and more!