Leonardo DiCaprio refuses to talk about the Titanic door controversy. For years, fans of the movie have wondered why Rose just didn't move over to make some extra room for Jack on the floating door in the middle of the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean. For some people, they claim there was plenty of room on the door and Jack's life could have been spared, which could have avoided the immense tears of millions of young girls over 20 years ago.

In a new interview promoting Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio was asked about the Titanic controversy. Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt are sitting beside him as he says, "I have no comment." Robbie claims it's the biggest controversy "ever" more than once in the interview clip, while Pitt says he has to go back and watch the iconic movie, clearly enjoying the fact that DiCaprio really does not want to talk about door controversy. To be fair, DiCaprio is smiling while declining to talk about it. "Like I said, I have no comment," stated the Titanic actor.

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The Titanic door debate is pretty divisive. Mythbusters even did a segment on the controversy and they claim that both Jack and Rose could have fit on the door and been safe. Even without putting an additional life jacket under the door for stabilization, both men were able to float on the door. Leonardo DiCaprio's co-star Kate Winslet also believes Jack could have "fit on that bit of door." For some fans, that's all the proof they need to know Jack could have survived.

Titanic director James Cameron has other thoughts on the situation. As for the Mythbusters episode, Cameron claims they are "full of sh*t" due to the frigid 28 degree temperature of the water in the North Atlantic Ocean. When it comes down to it, Cameron made the decision for artistic reasons. He explains.

"Had he lived, the ending of the film would have been meaningless... The film is about death and separation; he had to die. So whether it was that, or whether a smoke stack fell on him, he was going down. It's called art, things happen for artistic reasons, not for physics reasons."

James Cameron gets more agitated than James Cameron when asked about the Titanic door controversy, but it's all in good fun. Movie fans need something to debate in order to make it more fun. Sure, Jack could have lived, but would it have gone on to become one of the highest grossing movies of all time? Probably not and Cameron would have been torn apart by critics for taking the easy way out. In the end, the director made the right decision, but Leonardo DiCaprio still doesn't want to talk about it. You can watch DiCaprio squirm in his chair below, thanks to the MTV News Twitter account.