Titanic: Lots of fans have been waiting for a special edition of James Cameron's Titanic for a long, long time. According to a rumor over at The Digital Bits, it seems we may see the disc finally come to light next summer...

The DVD production work on the title will be handled by 20th Century Fox. Word has leaked out of Fox's European operation that the title is expected to be a 4-disc edition, tentatively set for release in the Summer of 2005. This seems to confirm what we've heard from our industry sources - specifically that the studio was considering a 4-disc presentation. However, from what we've heard, production has not yet officially begun on the title (or is only just starting to happen). NOTHING is set in stone about this release yet, and our sources are telling us that a late 2005 (4th Qtr) release at the earliest is more likely. So don't start counting your chickens yet, but if you're a fan, be comforted in knowing that a better DVD version of the film is finally on the radar in a more substantial way.
Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.