Back in September 2014, TNT announced the development of Titans, a live-action superhero series based on the DC Comics title Teen Titans. The initial report revealed that the series would center on Batman side-kick Dick Grayson (aka Robin) who emerges from the shadows of The Dark Knight as Nightwing to lead his own fearless band of superheroes, which may have included Starfire and Raven. We haven't heard a whole lot about the development of this show lately, and as it turns out, that was for a good reason. Deadline reports that the network has decided to not move forward with the project. Here's what TNT president Kevin Reilly had to say in a statement.

"We decided it wasn't where we wanted to go."
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Akiva Goldsman (Star Trek Into Darkness) co-wrote the pilot script with Marc Haimes (Men In Black II). We reported in February that Dick Grayson would be introduced in the Titans pilot episode as a Boston detective, after he was betrayed by Batman. The pilot episode was going to end with fans watching his transformation into Nightwing.

That report also revealed a wheelchair-bound Barbara Gordon will be part of the series, which is intriguing since she was never a part of the original Teen Titans team in the comic book. She was going to be the group's computer specialist, and hacker, having once served as Batgirl. Other character that would have been featured in the series include Hawk and Dove, who would have been romantically linked, along with Raven and Starfire, who was said to have a romantic relationship with Nightwing.

If Titans would have made it to series, it would have joined a TV landscape that is suddenly overflowing with superhero characters. The CW is currently thriving with Arrow and The Flash, along with their upcoming series DC's Legends of Tomorrow, set to debut on Thursday, January 21. Fox's Gotham kicks off the back half of its second season next month, ABC has Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvel's Agent Carter, and CBS' Supergirl is one of the biggest hits of the new season. Now we'll never know how Titans would have fared on TNT.

Titans was originally scheduled to start production on the pilot episode last summer, but that never happened. Akiva Goldsman recently lead the writers room for the Transformers franchise, and he is also set to lead yet another writers room for Hasbro properties G.I. Joe 3 and Micronauts. What do you think about TNT pulling the plug on Titans?