TiVo is entering the world of High Definition.

In a story from Variety, the company is going to offer the Series 3 TiVo. This new box will record in HD, but it will also offer consumers the chance to record two shows at the same time, "THX-certified audio and video, and an LED display with information on programs being watched."

Sadly, the price for this box and subscription fees could cost consumers somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000. Current DVR Machines on the market already capture content in HD but cost less than $10.

TiVo is still going to sell it's "non-HD" units, but they are more costly "than cable and satellite providers' DVRs."

Some see this new move by TiVo (and the high cost) as an "admission by TiVo that selling hardware to the mainstream market is a losing proposition in the face of low price competition."

The hope by TiVo seems to be that they won't sell as many units, but that they can find that "niche" that doesn't mind spending more money for all that the Series 3 TiVo has to offer.