Tobey Maguire has bought the rights to the life story of Gerald Fraller.

The web entrepreneur is attempting to sell his soul online through his Web site; it caught the attention of the Spider-Man star, who made a deal with him to adapt his story for the bigscreen for Maguire Entertainment and Nash Entertainment.

Variety reports after his dream job in Taiwan didn't pan out, Fraller was an unemployed and depressed 28-year-old when he decided he needed a dramatic life change. He hatched the idea of selling his soul in order to finance the transformation. Fraller claims on his site to have received 3,690 bids and eight marriage proposals. He will name the winner by November and claims he'll donate some of the money to start a foundation to aid people suffering from depression.

Selling his soul is more than symbolic: Among other things, Fraller is promising a percentage of annual future earnings (minimum $500), the right to name future kids and the right to pen the inscription on his headstone.

No production schedule has been scheduled for the film.