Tobey Maguire is going back to the comics, although not the one you're expecting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Maguire has teamed up with producer Neil Moritz for the comic book adaptation of Afterburn. The comic just hit the stands in January and is published by newbie Red 5 Comics.

The book is created by Scott Chitwood and Paul Ens, with Wayne Nichols illustrating and it deals with a post-apocalyptic Earth where the entire Eastern Hemisphere is wiped out by solar radiation, leaving those who survive mutated. The story revolves around a group of treasure hunters who go into the fallout in search of precious objects like the Mona Lisa and the Crown Jewels, for the right price, that is, while facing rival groups like themselves along the way.

No writer has been hired for the adaptation. Maguire can be seen next in a cameo role in Ben Stiller's Tropic Thunder and Moritz is in pre-production of The Fast and the Furious 4.