Todd McFarlane made a huge splash in the comic book world in the early-90's, and went on to get even more notice with his original superhero creation, Spawn. The character has been adapted to both film and television with varied success, but now, McFarlane has revealed to IESB that the demonic hero may be appearing in film again soon.

McFarlane, who was caught at the Tempe, Arizona premiere for Wolverine, revealed that he has not one, not two, but five separate offers on the table for a new Spawn film (hopefully one that will make us forget the earlier Spawn fiasco). These offers range from big-budget, effects ladden approaches to smaller-budget features. McFarlane is personally leaning towards a smaller-budget film that he might be able to direct himself, where Spawn would be the only fantastic element in an otherwise more realistic film. McFarlane suggested that he might be ready to make a bigger announcement this year at Comic-Con.

McFarlane also discussed his disappointment with Paramount's decision not to move forward with Torso, which would have been directed by David Fincher.

Additionally, McFarlane talked about a few television shows he will be producing soon, as well as the possibility that we might see a new version of Spawn as an animated television show, now that the rights have reverted to him.

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