The first concept art for the Tom and Jerry movie has surfaced online. We learned back in October that Warner Bros. is planning to expand their lineup of animated/live-action hybrid movies and that's going to start by reviving the classic feuding cat and mouse for the current generation. While we've still got a lot to learn, this concept art does reveal the studio's relatively ambitious plans, or at least hopes, for the movie.

Posted to Twitter, the concept art features Jerry standing on the shoulder of a woman, with Tom the cat standing by her side. We've heard previously that the movie will be filmed in the real world, with the cat and mouse duo being brought into that world in their animated form. The real kicker with this piece of concept art is that the woman paling around with Tom and Jerry is being played by none other than Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, there is no indication that Lawrence has been cast in the role, nor is there even any indication that she's been talked to about it.

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What this means is that the studio may have Jennifer Lawrence on their wish list. If not her, then an A-list actress who might have some similar qualities. For example, at one point, concept art surfaced online for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie that features Chris Pratt. Ultimately, the lead human role went to James Marsden. So this is far from any sort of confirmation that Lawrence is even aware of the project. In any event, it appears as though Warner Bros. wants to go with a big actress and that means they intend to treat this with a certain level of seriousness.

Tim Story, known best for his work on the Ride Along and early 2000s Fantastic Four movies, has been tapped to direct. We recently got wind of some plot details, which will reportedly see Tom and Jerry becoming familiar with a new family after the elderly couple in an old house passes away. Also worth noting, the studio will not be casting voice actors to play Tom or Jerry. Instead, they will be silent, as they typically were in the animated cartoons. Save for the occasional scream when Jerry hits Tom in the face with a frying pan, or something of the like.

Warner Bros. is also working on Space Jam 2, with LeBron James set to star and produce. That will similarly blend the real world with animation, much like the 1996 movie which starred Michael Jordan. There is no word currently on a release date, but Tom and Jerry will begin filming later this year, so expect to see it sometime in 2020, assuming everything stays on schedule. Be sure to check out the concept art from Daniel Richtman's Twitter account below.