It seems the cast of an action-packed straight-to-DVD prequel is rounding out its cast. According to Moviehole, Tom Berenger is in talks to play the lead in Smokin' Aces 2: Blowback.

Berenger would play a federal agent who must protect a witness against an onslaught of hitmen and thugs trying to kill her, one of which will be AK-47, the sister of the Tremor Brothers from the first Smokin' Aces film.

David Richmond-Peck and Michael Parks have also joined the cast, which also includes Nestor Carbonell and Tommy Callahan, who both reprise their roles from the original film as Pasquale Acosta "S.A. Gerald Diego" and Laszlo Soot.

BlackFilm is also reporting that Sophie Veraga has signed on to the film as well.

I start shooting in 2 weeks the prequel to Smokin' Aces. I'm like an assassin. I just got the part yesterday.

The film will be shot in Vancouver with P.J. Pesce directing.