Variety reports that Valkyrie co-writer and producer Christopher McQuarrie is teaming up with Tom Cruise on 3 new projects..

McQuarrie and Mason Alley are writing Flying Tigers for New Regency. The film looks at a squadron of volunteer fighter pilots put together to help the Chinese battle the Japanese around World War II.

Cruise hasn't officially come aboard the project but he was attached some years ago when Michael Mann was on board to direct.

McQuarrie is currently working with Guillermo del Toro on The Champions. The plan is to make this film into something for Cruise.

The story follows a group of government agents who go down in a plane crash, but then get revitalized by "an advanced civilization."

At present it looks The Tourist is most ready to go with Spyglass Entertainment. The hope is that Cruise will star in the movie with Charlize Theron in this Bharat Nalluri film. It is a remake of 2005's French thriller Anthony Zimmer.

Julian Fellowes was the first writer on the project.