The newly remastered Top Gun will debut on 4K Ultra HD Digital on Top Gun Day (May 13th) with a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray debut on May 19th. Additionally, two more action-packed Tom Cruise favorites will debut on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray May 19th- Days of Thunder, which is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year, and War of the Worlds (2005), which is celebrating its 15th.

For Top Gun, the Digital and disc releases will include a brand-new featurette that explores the film's legacy and enduring popularity through new interviews with Tom Cruise, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and members of the cast of Top Gun: Maverick, including John Hamm, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, and more. Fans can also enjoy a retrospective segment from 2016 looking back at 30 years of Top Gun. Additional previously released bonus content on the disc includes commentary by producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Tony Scott, co-screenwriter Jack Epps, Jr. and naval experts; Danger Zone: The Making of Top Gun; a look inside the real Top Gun; original theatrical promotional material; music videos, and more.

Top Gun 4K Ultra HD

And you can make it a Tom Cruise marathon with two more action-packed favorites arriving on 4K Ultra HD Digital for the first time on May 13: Days of Thunder and War of the Worlds (2005). Both films arrive on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray May 19, 2020.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2020, Days of Thunder reteamed director Tony Scott, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and Cruise in 1990, following their massive success with Top Gun. Featuring some of the most spectacular racing action ever captured on film, the movie further cemented Cruise's star status. The new 4K Ultra HD release* includes a brand-new featurette looking back on the production with Bruckheimer.

Days of Thunder 4K Blu-ray

Directed by Steven Spielberg, War of the Worlds (2005) celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2020. Cruise took on the starring role in this contemporary retelling of the H.G. Wells classic, which earned over $600M worldwide. The new 4K UHD/Blu-ray Combo Pack includes access to a digital copy of the film, along with over an hour of previously released bonus content, including multiple behind-the-scenes featurettes, production diaries, a look at the characters, and more.

War of the Worlds 4K Blu-ray