Tom Cruise isn't really running for president of the United States in 2020. But a new parody video will have you wishing he was. Sure, Cruise comes under scrutiny sometimes for his religious beliefs and connection to the Church of Scientology, but he's never been anything short of likable and his movies still do booming business. He's beloved by many, hated by few, and he seems to be one of the only forces that could unite us all as a country. If only it were true.

This parody video comes from Miles Fisher, who does a pretty good Tom Cruise impersonation. There are times watching the video when you'll have to do a double take. This isn't a DeepFake video, and the guy nails the voice perfectly. Tom Cruise is one of our last true Hollywood stars. He's played every type of man you can think of. And he's saved the world from an Alien invasion three times. Why can't he be president?

The Tom Cruise 2020 'Run Tom Run' presidential campaign announcement was written by and stars Miles Fisher as Tom Cruise, with Stephen Vitale serving as co-writer, editor and director of the very funny piece, which incorporates quite a few of Cruise's biggest blockbuster hits to great affect.

The guys have even launched an official Cruise 2020 website, where you can sign up for big announcements and await news of Cruise's running mate, which should be another fun celebrity impersonator. Our first guess would be Tom Hanks for a Double Toms bill, but the real Tom Hanks already pulled that gag on Saturday Night Live, introducing himself as The Rock's running mate, which may or may not actually happen in 2024, but for this next election, Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that he is sitting out. Though he won't say no to a political career in the future. The fake Tom Cruise says this about his platform.

"America deserves the real deal. A president with perfect hair, who knows how to ride a motorcycle, and knows how to throw grenades...With his teeth. America, you complete me!"

There are sure to be more Tom Cruise 2020 presidential campaign videos coming in the future, but as for a timeline, that will all be a big surprise, especially if these videos become the viral hit Miles Fisher is hoping for. If nothing else, these showcases for his talent should get Fisher more work as the premiere Tom Cruise impersonator, and he'll likely get some acting jobs from it. You can check out other Tom Cruise videos on Miles Fisher's Official Youtube Channel. So, next year, vote with your ticket stubs. We need Tom Cruise as our next president, even if he really has no clue how to actually run the country. Does anyone, though?

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