Mission: Impossible 3: According to a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Tom Cruise has been busy lately scouting locations for the third Mission: Impossible film...

An upbeat Tom Cruise was on an overseas "mission," scouting shoot locations for the third installment of his hit action franchise, "Mission: Impossible." RELATED: Mission: Impossible 7 Halts Filming Once Again After Positive COVID Test

"We will be here for a few days and it depends on how many locations we get here, so it could be many months," said Cruise.

"Right now we are just working, looking at locations, developing a visual style of picture," said Cruise about his excellent adventure.

From Berlin to Africa, Tom scouted seaports and remote villages for just the precise "MI 3" locations.

Tom's hopeful that his overseas scouting blitz will result in just the right look for the film.

"You see how we certainly emulated the architecture in 'Minority Report' and it's really good for the story...They are beautiful locations. I hope it works out," he said.