Tom Cruise is a very odd man. Even without Scientology, he's a complet weirdo. And to prove that point a little further, as far back as 2007, the international megastar had no clue that there was such a thing as Internet Porn. And he had to be schooled in online X-rated history by none other than Seth Rogen.

How did this meeting of the minds take place, you might ask? Seeing as how Seth Rogen and Tom Cruise have never appeared in a movie together, nor do they look like they hang out in the same circles? Well, director Judd Apatow was once asked to take a meeting with Cruise way back in 2007. And, in the midst of making Knocked Up at the time, he decided to bring his leading man Seth Rogen along. Judd Apatow recently appearing on The Late Show, where he told this funny story.

"Just cause it's Mission: Impossible weekend, I did once have a meeting with Tom Cruise. He's a very, very nice man I got asked to meet him. He was potentially looking to do not an action movie, a romantic comedy. I said to Seth Rogen, 'I have a meeting with Tom Cruise. You have to come with me. And no one knew who Seth was. He wasn't famous so he was just a dude with me and so I said, 'Someone needs to witness this.' So we're talking to him, and I don't know how it came up, but it usually comes up with Seth where he's talking about marijuana and pornography. And he starts talking about watching adult films on the Internet and Tom Cruise goes, 'What? Wait, you're saying there's adult films on the Internet?'"

At this point, Judd Apatow impersonated Tom Cruise's voice, though a bit more high pitched than we're used to hearing. He went onto explain how Seth Rogen schooled Tom Cruise in the way of Internet Porn.

"Seth's like, 'Yeah, there's all these movies on these websites. And Tom Cruise's like, 'Wait a second. You're saying if I go on the computer, on the world wide web, there are people having sex?'" Seth goes, "'Yeah, I watch it all the time. It's great. Everybody does it. It's not a big deal anymore.'' So anyway no movie was made."

It's not exactly clear which movie Tom Cruise was interested in having Judd Apatow direct, but as you can see it never happened. Though Tom Cruise chose not to work with the two men, Apatow claims he was always the nice guy during their meeting.

"I don't think he was for it. He was being very polite, but I think...I assume he was against it and being polite, but who knows. We'll never know."

It's been over ten years since Tom Cruise met with Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen for that romantic comedy. But who knows, maybe Tom Cruise has changed his mind in the past couple of years. He's currently experiencing a career high right now with Mission: Impossible 6, and his last couple of movies have all been action-packed thrillers or dramas. Perhaps it's time for Cruise to make another comedy. It's been a long time since Tropic Thunder. We have The Late Show to thank for this interesting bit of info.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange