IGN has posted an article claiming that a 'trusted source' has revealed that director J.J. Abrams would like to have an A-list star cameo in his forthcoming Star Trek film.

Their source - who previous scoops have always panned - says that Abrams is wooing Tom Cruise to cameo as Captain Christopher Pike!

Rumors had circulated last fall that Cruise might have a role in the film, however the Cruise camp denied that rumor. At that time, there was bad blood between Paramount and Cruise, however in recent months Sumner Redstone, the Viacom president who ousted Cruise, has softened his rhetoric, leaving the door open for reconciliation.

A Cruise cameo in Star Trek would be a favor to Abrams and not to Paramount.

Abrams is said to only be talking to Cruise at this point, which means that Cruise may not agree to do it.

Captain Pike was James T. Kirk's predecessor as captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Mr. Spock's first commanding officer. Pike was the captain in the original and unaired TV pilot, "The Cage," where he was portrayed by the late Jeffrey Hunter.