Vulture received an email from screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, who revealed that Tom Cruise will have a starring role in Top Gun 2, instead of the cameo that was originally reported. Here's what he told the site:

"There is no Top Gun 2 in which Maverick is not the starring role."
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The site, which broke the original story a few weeks ago, had indicated that Tom Cruise was open to appearing in the Top Gun sequel in a smaller role. Now it seems that Tom Cruise's Pete "Maverick" Mitchell will be at the center of the movie's storyline.

Top Gun 2 will center on a new breed of fighter pilots, who fly unmanned drone planes from a control center. The sequel will also explore the downward plight of traditional fighter pilots and how they were replaced by these drone planes. CLICK HERE to read our story from three days ago which explains more about the Top Gun 2 plot.