Tom Green: One day of reshoots are scheduled for the Tom Green/Jason Lee flick entitled Stealing Harvard . The film already conducted reshoots last December while it was under the title You Promised..., and it's also been called Stealing Stanford, and Uncle. Wonder if this title will stick.

Les Mis Directors' new gig: Bille August who directed the last screen adaption of Les Miserables with Liam Neeson and won the 1988 Palm d'Or from the Cannes Film Festival, has signed on to direct Without Apparent Motive. Pic centers on a detective in the L.A. County Sheriff Department who is assigned to track down the murderer of three high powered businessmen. Known for his ability to understand the mind of a killer, the detective is lead thru a maze of suspects that include some of L.A.'s political and social elite.

Sigourney Weaver: Oscar nominated actress Sigourney Weaver has chosen her next project. The actress will appear in Holes for director Andrew Davis (Collateral Damage, The Fugitive). Pic is about a young man wrongly accused of a crime who is sent to a youth detention camp where the warden (Weaver) has the inmates dig holes which, as she tells them, builds character. The young man comes to find out that the warden is actually seeking a fortune that has been buried by a criminal. Shooting is expected to begin in April in Northern California.

From Somewhere on the Beach... ~Jane Doe