Next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice brings both of these iconic superheroes together on the big screen for the first time ever, with many fans speculating who will actually prevail in this battle between the crimefighters. Henry Cavill returns as Superman from 2013's Man of Steel, while Ben Affleck stars as the new Batman. While promoting his new film Legend, in theaters October 2, Tom Hardy, who played the villainous Bane in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises, reveals he would like to come back as Bane to take on both Batman and Superman. Here's what he had to say in an interview with MTV, when asked if he would like to return to the DC Comics universe.

"Of course. I'm Bane. Somebody asked me who would I want to win out in a fight between Superman and Batman, and I would like to hold the pair of them under the water until the bubbles stop."
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After Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters next year, the two characters will reunite in Justice League Part 1 (November 11, 2017) and Justice League Part 2 (June 14, 2019), but it isn't known if Warner Bros. is actually developing a sequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice yet. There was a rumor that surfaced last month that Warner Bros. enjoyed Ben Affleck's performance as Batman so much, that they are developing a stand alone trilogy which the actor will direct. That hasn't been confirmed yet, but it's possible that Tom Hardy's Bane could come back for one of those three films.

The actor will actually be returning to the DC Comics universe in a much different project, 100 Bullets, which is based on Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso's comic. The story centers on a special agent named Graves, who has a bizarre way of helping people. He approaches them with a picture of the person who ruined their lives, a gun, and 100 Bullets of ammunition that cannot be traced.

Of course, even if Bane does come back into the DC Comics movie universe, the character may also be re-cast, since Ben Affleck replaced Christian Bale as The Dark Knight. Would you like to see Bane return to terrorize both Batman and Superman? And if so, do you think Tom Hardy should be brought back?