Video game adaptation Splinter Cell was set to begin shooting in August. But then Everest screenwriter Sheldon Turner stepped in to rewrite the screenplay. Will it be ready to go this summer? Star Tom Hardy isn't so sure. He doesn't know when the movie will begin principle photography. Never a good sign.

Collider caught up with the actor and asked about the status of the movie. This is what Tom Hardy had to say.

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"Can't say. You never know with these things. I'd like to be able to say, but shift in geography finances and those things..."

Splinter Cell reunites Everest writer Sheldon Turner with star of that movie, Tom Hardy. The pair both missed a devastating avalanche that happened on location earlier this month. About the reworked Splinter Cell, Tom only had this to say.

"Every draft has been different and grown and changed and whatnot. It's going to be cool!"

The Splinter Cell video game from Ubisoft centers on Sam Fisher (Tom Hardy), a highly-trained operative who works for a black ops division of the government known as Echelon, as he is tasked with neutralizing terrorist threats around the world. The game series, based on characters created by Tom Clancy, has sold more than 23 million units worldwide.

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B. Alan Orange