Tom Hiddleston stars in a crazy Chinese Centrum commercial, and it has gone viral. Celebrities often head overseas to do commercials, but Hiddleston's latest ad for Centrum multivitamins is just plain weird. The commercial is optimized for mobile viewers and is shot in first person to look like, we the viewers, are the Infinity War actor's partner. We awake, stretch our arms, and head downstairs to find Hiddleston dressed in a suit cooking up some breakfast and making some creepy eye contact with us.

The Centrum commercial featuring Tom Hiddleston is a huge hit in China and for good reason. The ad plays off of the fantasies of some of the actor's biggest fans. "Many female fans often consider their idol their imaginary boyfriend or husband," says Professor Zhang Kuangjie of the Nanyang Technological University. Professor Zhang went on to note that the commercial can "make the fans feel like they are having a virtual chat with the celebrity." For a lot of people, waking up to Hiddleston making breakfast is a very welcome sight, even if what he's making looks rather terrible.

Upon closer inspection, Tom Hiddleston has made us a giant plate of chopped vegetables for breakfast. There's corn, cucumber, and blackberries, which just looks and sounds completely disgusting. To add further insult, Hiddleston slides a greasy egg on top of the monstrosity, all while staring us directly in the eye and telling us that he has to leave for a few weeks. Don't worry, though because he's going to "make it up" to us somehow. Hopefully making it up to us doesn't involve chopping up another massive plate of garbage.

As of this writing, the Chinese Centrum has gone viral and has been viewed millions of times. While the commercial is a huge hit in China, it's just confusing and creepy to anybody else watching it. Many comment on the breakfast plate of vegetables and say that if Hiddleston wants to come over and make breakfast, he better learn to make some pancakes or biscuits. Even pouring a bowl of cereal would be preferable to what the actor made in the commercial. Others have flatly called the ad "creepy," which isn't an exaggeration at all.

Part of the reason that Tom Hiddleston's Centrum commercial is so big in China is because of his connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, for Chinese women, it's for a different reason. "For a Chinese woman to be served by a man is not common in Asia, let alone a Caucasian man, so that's something that adds to that (fantasy) element," says Tay Guan Hin, founder of the TGH Collective ad agency. The ad was meant to "maximize Centrum's international appeal," and whomever is responsible for creating it should give themselves a pat on the back. Pfizer has not revealed which agency is responsible for making the Tom Hiddleston Centrum commercial. You can check it out in all of its glory below, thanks to the Torilla YouTube channel.