Young British actor Tom Holland made his mark in Hollywood playing one of the most iconic characters ever created when he was cast as Spider-Man in the MCU. But the rising star is still hungry for other iconic roles that he can put a personal spin on. In an interview with Variety, when Holland was asked if there were any roles he was particularly interested in, he named James Bond as a favorite choice.

"I've got two roles coming up that I'm playing in the next few years that I'm really excited about, but I can't talk about them yet. But I mean, ultimately, as a young British lad who loves cinema, I'd love to be James Bond. So, you know, I'm just putting that out there. I look pretty good in a suit."
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For fans who know Holland best as the friendly and eager Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, it can be difficult to imagine the actor as the aloof secret agent 007. But Holland's recent work, from Cherry to The Devil all the Time, has proven he has a great deal of range and would be an interesting and unexpected choice to become the next Bond.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of reasons why that will probably never happen. The average age of Bond actors hovers around 43. At the age of 24, Holland might be deemed too young to play a role that requires a great deal of gravitas. Henry Cavill was 22 when he auditioned to play Bond in Casino Royale, but was beaten to the punch by Daniel Craig, who was 38 at the time.

Another important factor is that Holland is simply too famous already. The James Bond franchise has historically chosen lesser-known actors with little in the way of past baggage from other roles to portray Bond. Audiences would be less invested in Holland's journey as Bond if they were expecting him to web-sling his way into action at any moment.

Still, while Bond might be out of reach for Holland just yet, he would be a perfect addition to the Kingsman franchise, which is basically a pastiche of Bond, and which features much younger actors in the lead roles.

For now, Holland is too busy with his own films to pine over Bond. Aside from Spider-Man, Holland is also set to portray Nathan Drake from the Uncharted games in a live-action role that is similar to Indiana Jones.

Then there is the upcoming Cherry, which will see Holland in the lead role of a war veteran who returns home suffering from PTSD and becomes addicted to opioids, turning to a life of crime to enable his addiction. The trailer for the movie has already garnered praise, and there are even talks of an Oscar nomination for Holland being on the cards. All that critical and commercial success should make up for any disappointment Holland might feel over not playing Bond. This comes from Variety.