Spider-Man star Tom Holland admits that he has stolen props from every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie he's been a part of. While Marvel Studios' golden boy has refrained from spoiling MCU movies for the fans lately, he's now publicly admitting to something else the studio may or may not be so happy about. However, after the Sony battle of 2019, Holland can pretty much do whatever he wants and have Marvel not say anything about it. He's definitely testing the waters with his new admission.

Tony Stark's glasses ended up being an epic part of Spider-Man: Far from Home. They are Dita brand and retail for around $500. However, one of the pairs that Tom Holland wore in the sequel are worth a lot more than that and they're sitting right on top of his mantle. In a new interview, Holland talked about stealing all kinds of props from the MCU, including web shooters. When asked about getting caught, the Peter Parker actor said, "Well I haven't so far."

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Tom Holland even tried to steal a Spider-Man suit, but says he couldn't pull it off. Andrew Garfield claims to have been able to obtain one, so Holland might need to step up his game. As to how he was able to get the aforementioned items, Holland says the productions usually go through a lot of them because they end up breaking, especially when it comes to the web shooters. The Tony Stark glasses would just conveniently go missing. It will be interesting to see if Holland ends up hearing anything from Marvel Studios about his latest interview. The studio is still pretty happy to have Peter Parker back, so he'll probably get away with this one.

Spider-Man 3 begins production this summer and one would expect that the crew will be keeping an extra careful eye on Tom Holland. He may have been able to steal set items in the past, but that might not be true for the future now that he has admitted everything. With that being said, one would imagine that the rest of the MCU cast has quite the collection of stolen props. As of 2018, Chris Hemsworth admitted to having five of Thor's mighty hammers at home in Australia.

Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman revealed that the took some beads from the set and Chris Pratt has a full Star-Lord costume at his home. There are probably more actor that have liberated props from the set, but they're keeping their mouths shut, unlike Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth who pretty much brag about having some of MCU history in their homes. Holland has Spider-Man 3 on the way, which continues the partnership between Sony and Marvel. Sony has said that they would like to keep the partnership going well after the next installment, so we could end up seeing Holland stealing a lot more from the MCU. You can check out the interview with Holland below, thanks to the BBC 1 YouTube channel.