Reno 911! co-stars and Night at the Museum screenwriting partners Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant have taken over creative control on the upcoming Summit Entertainment comedy The Wee McGinty. The project is being referred to as The Bourne Identity meets Leprechaun In the Hood.

The duo is set to rewrite a preexisting script originally penned by Mark Gibson and Philip Halprin, with Garant taking on directorial duties.

The story revolves around a wish-granting Leprechaun who loses his memory and decides to join the local firefighting squad. Though he finds happiness amongst his new firehouse friends, he is in danger of being discovered by other Leprechauns who will ostracize him forever and take away his wish-granting powers. A fire-breathing Doberman also plays into this strange adventure.

Thomas Lennon is set to play a major supporting character in The Wee McGinty, though his role has not been divulged at this time.