Land of the Dead: A reader at Dark Horizons recently sat in on a Q & A with effects guru, Tom Savini, where he discussed George Romero's upcoming cotinuation of his zombie series with the crowd...

"Shooting will be in Toronto starting in early October and apprently Romero has been spending his days location scouting around the city.  Savini also talked about how he will have a large role in the film playing a character who goes into the the zombie infested world to get supplies for wealthy survivors. 
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The coolest part he mentioned was that he would also be reprising his role from the original 'Dawn of the Dead' (the Biker Gang guy) that died and fell into the fountain in the mall- who has since become a zombie.  He said that he will actually kill his zombie self in the new film. 

There was also talk of using several CG zombies to sort of update the effects and show the audience things that a guy with makeup on could never pull off.  Lastly he said Romero has made it clear his zombies will slow moving, as compared to the 'fast zombies' like in the 'Dawn' Remake, the way Romero always did it."

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.