Albie Hecht's new digital studio Worldwide Biggies has picked up the rights to Simon & Schuster's long-running Tom Swift book series. According to Variety, the company plans on turning the character into a feature film franchise and a video game.

The story revolves around a teen genius born into a family of inventors. Tom Swift has appeared in more than one hundred stories that span numerous genres and generations. Swift has a knack for problem solving and fantastical inventions.

Edward Stratemeyer, best know for The Bobbsey Twins and The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries created Swift. Ghostwriters using the name Victor Appleton have been writing the books ever since.

Hecht stated, "I grew up basically reading comic books and Tom Swift. The books always gave you something unexpected and brought the reader this feeling that 'I can be an inventor. I can do that.'"

Neither the film nor the videogame has a set start date for production. A TV series is also in the works.