Produciton Weekly reports that Tom Wilkinson, Tilda Swinton and Sydney Pollack have all joined the cast of Michael Clayton, alongside George Clooney who plays the title role. Tony Gilroy is making his directorial debut from his own script.

Clooney's character is an attorney at a high-powered law firm, he's sort of a "janitor" who is called in to fix messes that no one else can handle. However, when Michael's friend and old associate, Arthur Edens (Wilkinson), goes off his meds, melts down in a deposition, and start helping the plaintiffs build their class action case against Agtek, a chemical company that is the firm's most lucrative client, Michael has his work cut out for him. Arthur's sudden "suicide" has Michael wondering what role Agtek has played in the death.

Production is scheduled to begin January in New York.