According to The Business Online, Paramount may be in talks to revive Laura Croft for Tomb Raider 3.

Sources in Hollywood say negotiations have started between Paramount and SCI for the latest movie, and Angelina Jolie has once again expressed an interest in starring as Lara Croft, the English archaeologist-adventurer.

The video game and film industries have grown closer over the years, as games are licensed to film studios. The Tomb Raider game has sold more than 30m copies since 1996.

It is thought that Eidos took a one-off licensing fee from Paramount in 1998 and collected a percentage of the film’s gross receipts. It also gets a cut of sales from Tomb Raider merchandising.

SCI is likely to negotiate a tougher deal for its property under chief executive Jane Cavanagh, who is one of Britain’s most successful female executives.

She is also juggling a number of different approaches that have been made in the past four weeks by parties that may be interested in making a bid for the newly merged SCI, currently valued at £390m.