Movie PictureWe have it first! {0}! We cannot believe this astounding new marketing campaign behind the new movie! It amazing. We here at Lights Out know that sex sells, but aren't parents going to disapprove? Keep in mind that this campaign was most likely going to be aimed at the adult audience in order to reel them into a movie that might be perceived as a kids video game movie. Looks like they're not going foward with this campaign anymore. Just remember you saw it here first! Thanks {1} for the heads up!

javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute is wonderful, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that he is one of the Lights Out favorites, but what about the movies that Mushy doesn't feel compelled to go see. What should we think about these movies, especially if they are movies that don't look that good in the first place? Are we destined to drift alone in a crappy movie world where no real review will condemn the haneous?

Don't worry friends. Lights Out has the answer and his name is DROID. He is ruthless, unremorseful, and unforgiving. That's all I can say for now, but he is coming to bash the hell out of something this week! Keep your eyes glued to us.

A tad bit of video game news here. Brock & I are really excited about the latest games coming from Capcom. First off is Onimusha which hits stores tomorrow! Samurai fighting the dead. I love fighting the dead. Check out some of Onimusha's movies!

The Second masterpiece from Capcom might be the Resident Evil killer. I love Resident Evil, but from what I've seen from Devil May Cry makes me want to lift up my girlfriend's skirt and show my friends! Taking the absolute best from Resident Evil and mixing it with the best of Castlevania, Devil May Cry it sure to break your heart and make you go crying to mama, Check out the movies now! People, it is time to start thinking about that PS2 purchase.

In movie news, Ain't It Cool has posted a trailer which actually looks OK. I get "The Craft" vibe right off the bat, but of course, with werewolves. Take a look at the trailer for Ginger Snaps in our Movie Trailers section. We've also added a little Ron Jeremy Movie suprise in there as well. Have fun.

Last but not least today we have updated the long forgotten Artists section! New art from Evan Mann, Nathan Napalitano, Sean Evans, and Stacey Hofermeyer! You gotta see this stuff! click here now to experience what real art is all about!

Thats it for now! Check back in on us extremely soon! Droid will be waiting for you...

Stay tuned...~Brian