Tomb Raider hit theaters today! I just got back from seeing this thing and I will say that definitely worth a look! I thought I'd give you a little bit of a review here since I know that the javascript:void(0|Mushy review of this movie will be ripped to shreds by his non-digital-effect-loving-ass.

Though it is, without a doubt, the greatest video game movie ever made, that isn't saying much. I can tell you that sitting through the movie I was impressed with stunts, %20javascript:void(0|Angelina Jolie's acting, and the majority of the movie...that is until the end...the very end. I feel they tried to cram a little to much there with some typical Hollywood BS, in turn cheesing it up. Overall, I liked the movie and would recommend watching this "summer blockbuster". Though, if you're not into action and you're looking for tons of depth, you won't find it here in this PG-13 extravaganza. I think my partner in crime said it best walking out of the theater..."If %20javascript:void(0|Angelina Jolie wasn't in that movie normal people would care a lot less..."~Rochelle Palermo. Normal people? Oh yeah, non-video gaming geeks. Let me know what you think! Meet me in the messageboards.

Movie PictureA brand new {5} has reached the internet entitled {6}! This documentary is wonderful! George talks about shooting in the different locations of the world and shooting a little scene ready?...EPISODE III! That's right. I guess he never wants to go to Tunisia ever again! That's all I'll'll just have to see the video! These things are my favorite thing on the internet right now! {7}!{@IMG:yoLOGILxkCkj4umDFbgDSZNlJIJmxG
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