Hot on the heels of Jack Nicholson's expressed outrage about being passed over for the role of the Joker in The Dark Knight, another former Batman film villain expresses his opinion about having his role taken over. In a discussion with MTV Movies Blog, Tommy Lee Jones said he wouldn't want to play the role again.

When first asked about Harvey Dent appearing in TDK, Jones expressed surprise. "Really? I thought he died." Apparently, Jones was unaware that when Chris Nolan took over the franchise with Batman Begins, he was starting fresh, and cutting any ties to the series of films that began with Tim Burton's Batman, and ran through the very campy Batman & Robin, with Jones appearing in the third film, Batman Forever.

When asked specifically about his successor, Aaron Eckhart, Jones said "I've worked with him. He's an awfully good guy." He continued, "Aaron is a good actor. He can take care of himself."

Jones did offer one final caveat to Eckhart. "That make-up, however, is difficult," he said, offering a rare grin.

The Dark Knight swings into theatres July, 2008.