The San Antonio Express has released a story saying that Tommy Lee Jones is suing Paramount over No Country for Old Men for $10 million that is owed to him. The actor states that the studio failed to pay him according to his stated contract.

On April 3rd, 2006, Lee signed a contract stating that he would act in No Country for Old Men as well as provide "additional related services" in order to promote it. The lawsuit claims that Paramount and Miramax, makers of the film, promised to pay Jones a fixed "up-front" fee, which was greatly reduced from his normal asking price, with a significant box office bonus if the film preformed well. No Country for Old Men went on to win four Academy awards, two Golden Globes, and earned more than $160 million at the box office, marking it as a commercial hit.

Jones was to earn as much as producer Scott Rudin and the directing team of Joel and Ethan Coen, but according to the lawsuit, Paramount officials alerted Jones to a mistake in his contract that involved the deduction of home video expenses. Jones claims that company officials knew there was a mistake in his contract before he signed on to make the film. And that they failed to alert him to it. A second mistake was also noted which went on to explained the formula for determining box office bonuses. Because of these two "mistakes", Jones has been denied $10 million in due fees.

The outcome of the case is pending.