With The Disaster Artist arriving on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on March 13, the hit movie's subject, Tommy Wiseau, recently paid a visit to Screen Junkies, where they took this "disaster artist" and put him in some actual disaster movies. Unlike the recent viral videos where Nicolas Cage's face was put into random movies, Tommy Wiseau came into the studio, putting his acting chops on display as he was filmed and edited into some of your favorite disaster movies. The results, as one would expect, are rather hilarious.

The first disaster movie they inserted Tommy Wiseau into was the 1996 blockbuster Twister, where he's sitting in the front seat of the storm-chasing truck driven by Bill Harding (Bill Paxton), replacing Jo Harding (Helen Hunt). Wiseau spends most of the clip telling Bill to "go faster," before exclaiming, "Oh look at this cow right now," when the iconic cow comes flying past the truck. The scene escalates to hilarious levels when Wiseau calls Bill a "bitch" proclaiming that he has to drive this truck... although he apologizes shortly thereafter.

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The second movie is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, an interesting choice since the movie doesn't hit theaters until June 22. This footage features The Room actor telling characters such as Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) to "pick up the pace" because they "have to survive". There is another scene where he screams to Owen to save him, because one of the other dinosaurs "got his foot." The next movie is 2006's Poseidon, a remake of the 1970s classic The Poseidon Adventure, where he's seen screaming at Richard Dreyfus and Kurt Russell, along with a humorous scene where a CGI Tommy falls off the massive boat and into the ocean.

The next movie is the 1998 disaster classic Deep Impact, where Tommy Wiseau takes over the Presidential duties for Morgan Freeman's President Beck. During one White House press conference scene, he announces a select group of astronauts will be heading to outer space, calling their courage "inspirational." The video ends with the real Tommy Wiseau being inserted into a scene in The Disaster Artist, alongside James Franco's version of this enigmatic director. For those who would rather try to make a movie themselves like Tommy Wiseau did, the filmmaker also teamed up with Screen Junkies for a Tommy Wiseau Film School video.

The film school video doesn't exactly get off to a great start, with Wiseau refusing to say one of the director's lines, while adding that film school teachers don't know what they're talking about, 99% of the time. When asked about movie idea inspirations, he simply states, "life, music, people, friends, et cetera," and when the topic turns to "originality," Wiseau says with a laugh that you have to be original, while warning filmmakers, "don't copy The Room, ok?" and he also reveals the purpose of art is to "create a better society". You can take a look at all of his tips in the six-minute video below, along with the hilarious video where he's inserted into disaster movies, courtesy of Screen Junkies YouTube.