Thanks to James Franco and The Disaster Artist, Tommy Wiseau is more popular than he's ever been and he's clearly enjoying all of the attention. His legendary (for all the wrong reasons) movie, The Room is heading to theaters early next year and The Disaster Artist is receiving heaps of praise, earning Wiseau some new opportunities. A fan on Twitter asked him which cinematic universe he'd like to try and work with next and he responded in the typical fashion that we've come to expect; a mix of bravado and aloofness that comes across as charming.

When responding to the big question of Marvel or DC, Tommy Wiseau answered that he'd work with whomever hired him first. Which means that it's on. Avengers 4 seems like it would be a good fit for Wiseau and he could probably blend in pretty easy since there's going to be so many characters on the screen. He could have his popular catchphrase used for some comic levity by saying "Oh, hi Thanos" when the movie takes one of the many dark paths that it's expected to take.

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As for the DCEU, they seem to be in a bit of a transition period at this time after Justice League didn't put up the box office numbers that everybody was expecting. However, Suicide Squad 2 is rumored to begin production next year, which could also be a good fit for Tommy Wiseau since it already has a big cast where he could just step in. One could imagine him being a good cab driver or some situation that again, comes in as some comic relief. Maybe he could go for the gusto and take over on role of The Batman since nobody seems to know what exactly is going on with that project.

This isn't the first time that Tommy Wiseau has offered up his services for a big franchise. Right before The Last Jedi hit theaters, he hit up Mark Hamill on Twitter to ask for a part in the franchise. J.J. Abrams may very well throw in a Tommy Wiseau cameo in Star Wars 9, which might be the best idea out of all of them so far. He could be an easily manipulated Stormtrooper in the tradition of Daniel Craig or Tom Hardy. Whichever happens first does not really seem to matter to Tommy Wiseau, just as long as it happens.

While the 2003 release of The Room was initially savaged by critics and only earned around $1,800 at the box office, it still managed to find a cult audience that appreciates its nonsensical plot, and the legend grows every year. Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed, starred, and financed the movie, leading to all kinds of mystery surrounding the project. James Franco and his crew have turned that mystery into a successful feature length movie and many more people are aware of the legend of The Room now. While we wait to see where he pops up next, check out his responses to movie roles via Tommy Wiseau's Twitter account below.