The feud between WWE superstars Becky "The Man" Lynch and "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey is escalating, and Tommy Wiseau has volunteered to announce their wrestling match. With the two squabbling publicly on Twitter, Wiseau entered the fray when Lynch tweeted a photoshopped image from The Disaster Artist. Using the classic rooftop scene, James Franco's face has been replaced with Rousey's, with the name "Ronnie Wiseau" written on the door behind him. This prompted Wiseau himself to respond to Lynch, telling her to let WWE chairman Vince McMahon know he will introduce their match personally. Lynch simply responded with a tweet reading, "Oh hai Mark. Tommy Wiseau, meet Ronnie Wiseau."

This rivalry first began last fall, when Lynch was scheduled to challenge Rousey for the WWE Diva's Championship at Summerslam. However, Lynch suffered an injury prior to the bout, forcing WWE to replace her with a new challenge. This left fans clamoring to see Lynch get another title shot after coming back, which she earned by winning the women's Royal Rumble match in January. Lynch challenged Rousey for the belt at WrestleMania, but due to a kayfabe leg injury, WWE replaced "The Man" with Charlotte Flair. Still, the feeling is that Lynch will still become a part of the main event, possibly by making it a triple threat match.

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While seeing Wiseau at WrestleMania might seem like a far out idea, stranger things have certainly happened on WWE programming. WrestleMania in particular has been host to many celebrity guests in the past, and Wiseau is a bit of a pop culture icon as of now. While showings of The Room have maintained a cult following over the years since its release, The Disaster Artist hitting theaters introduced the eccentric filmmaker to a more mainstream audience. While he's certainly unlike anyone else you've ever seen, Wiseau just as a certain charm to him that makes it hard to hate him, and it's likely he'd be greeted with a loud pop by appearing at a live wrestling event.

If WWE opts not to take Wiseau up on his offer to appear at WrestleMania, the filmmaker will still be keeping himself busy. He's currently working on his next movie Big Shark, which an early teaser confirms will be just as wild as it sounds. The movie will star Wiseau and frequent collaborator Greg Sestero, as the two will be facing off against a monstrous shark. Additionally, Wiseau is hoping to create some spinoffs of The Room as well, and might even make a 3D remake of the original movie. In any case, fans can know that they'll be seeing Wiseau on screen again soon enough.

With or without Wiseau, it's likely we'll see the Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey feud culminate at this year's WrestleMania. The match might conclude the annual program, and many fans are expecting to see "The Man" holding the title in the air at the end of the night. We'll just have to see what happens. You can look Wiseau's tweet below.