Back in March, a Japanese trailer for Tomorrowland revealed a very specific reference to Walt Disney's Disneyland theme park attraction the movie is named after. The scene in question shows two clerks (Keegan Michael Key and Kathryn Hahn) at a store called Blast From the Past, who explain to Casey (Britt Robertson), the connection between her mysterious pin, the Disneyland attraction Tomorrowland, and the mysterious world of the same name in the movie. The Walt Disney connection was also teased in a featurette released last month, but it was recently revealed that all of the specific references to Walt Disney were eventually cut from Tomorrowland, which hits theaters on May 22. Screenwriter Damon Lindelof addressed why these cuts were made in a new interview, which does include minor SPOILERS, so read on at your own risk, but added that they will be included on the Blu-ray and DVD release.

"There were very explicit references to Walt's involvement in Plus Ultra [the secret society that creates Tomorrowland], and on the DVD you'll see a scene in Blast From the Past where they say explicitly that Walt was a member, and Casey even says, 'Like the Tomorrowland in Disneyland?' That prompts them to explain that the theme park was actually a cover for the real Tomorrowland. But, aside from the fact that those scenes are pure exposition that can make you feel like you're sitting through a history lesson, it felt like we were inside a Disney movie and every time we saw Disney get mentioned in it, it was a wink to the audience. Like a meta self-aware thing that took you out. When the characters of the movie have to say the title of the movie. We have to be very discreet about when and how we use the word Tomorrowland in this movie. It's not like Bruce Willis ever needs to say "die hard" in those movies. There were some very specific mentions to Walt in the beginning of the movie at the World's Fair, because in addition to the Small World ride, Walt brought the Carousel of Progress and the original opening of the movie had the little boy going through that attraction. They also brought the animatronic Lincoln to the World's Fair. So there was a much more pervasive Disney presence in the film."
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Are you disappointed that there is not more of Walt Disney's presence in Tomorrowland? Does this change whether or not you want to see Tomorrowland in theaters? As Damon Lindelof said, these discarded scenes will eventually be available on the Tomorrowland Blu-ray and DVD, but you can take a look at the scene he mentions in the Japanese trailer below, which comes at the 1:10 mark.