Indiana Jones 4: First off let me say that two months into the discussion of this film, since it was actually confirmed that it would happen, I'm ready for a freaking title already. Writing Indiana Jones 4 is getting old. Because of this I've decided that from this point forward I'm going to call it Indiana Jones And the Movie With No Title or IJAMWNT for short. I am open to suggestions though, if you can think of a good title email me.

Anyway, on to the news. Last week the man behind the myth, submitted to a few questions about the way he makes films. The story, over at, roams all over his career. He says that George Lucas is trying to get him to do IJAMWNT digitally, but Spielberg has different ideas...

"I don't want to shoot digitally. There's a mystery, a magic and a chemistry in film. Digital isn't chemistry. It's unfailing technology."

So I guess they'll have to fight that out amongst themselves. has an interesting bit from Harrison Ford about why the project took so long to get off the ground. He is quoted as saying, "It's not a question of my input, it's a question of what our collaborative capacity is, working with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. It's not a question of obtaining control over the situation, but all of us working together with our combined ambition to make a film which is as good as the ones we made before."

Well at least they finally got it all worked out. No if they will just slip us a title!

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