The Matrix: Those wacky Wachowski brothers are still at it down under. News has surfaced that during the month of July the Matrix production will be closing several streets in Sydney for filming. What makes this different from most stories about filming is what they will be filming. Joel Silver, producer of the Matrix sequels, has said that what they will be filming is "a 14-minute sequence that is the most complicated sequence ever put on film." Apparently the sequence involves flying a helicopter below rooftop level between the cities buildings. Rumor has it that this is to be the climax to the first of the two sequels, The Matrix Reloaded.

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That isn't all the news on the Matrix front that has popped up today. Over at the Official Site a new comic has been released called The Return of The Prodigal Son. I don't know how many of you out there are like me and have been following these comics, but if you aren't you should be!

Indiana Jones 4: Well, Dark Horizons has shown up with some rather ambiguous news today. First it seems that when asked whether Sean Connery would be returning Steven Spielberg made the comment, "I don't want to ruin anythign for you guys." Hmmmmm, I have no idea what that could mean. And secondly, screenwriter Frank Darabont said in an interview that at this point he didn't even know what the story is about. It isn't good news, it isn't really bad news, but it is news.

Rambo IV: Before I go any further let me just send out a plea to the world that if anyone has the power to stop this from ever happening please do so. Recently it seems that Richard Crenna, Colonel Samuel Trautman from First Blood, was asked if he would do another Rambom film. He replied that it would depend on getting a good story and that "my beret still fits"

Beetlejuice 2: Fortunately in this case I don't really have to send out a plea. It appears that there has been work for a few years now on scripts fro a sequel to the original. According to Glenn Shadix the main problem is that no one can agree on a script.

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Daredevil: A scooper named 'Veronica' brought a very cool set report to our attention. Now if only someone out there could get us on set!

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Dawn of the Dead: That's right folks the Hollywood remake machine looks ready to roll again. During an interview with zentertainment Ed James, writer of Scooby-Doo, talked about his involvement with the remake. Apparently this will not be like Night of the Living Dead. James apparently sees this as a whole new Dawn of the Dea film not just a remake. Man I hope they don't screw this up.

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Harry Potter:USA Today is running a little story on the boy wizard's next film adventure. Nothing much that we haven't heard before, but there are a couple of nice new pictures.

Windtalkers: has an excellent interview with Director John Woo. Definitely worth a read!

Die Another Day: A very cool featurette dealing with a crucial action sequence that was filmed earlier this year has surfaced online.

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Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring: And finally today don't forget to head over to the DVD Dungeon and check out even more details about the upcoming LOTR:FOTR Special Edition DVD!

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