The Matrix Sequels: Sci-Fi Magazine has printed some very juicy bits on the upcoming Matrix sequels. Thanks to who have apparently transcribed the entire magazine article, we can all read about it!

-Filmmakers built a one-and-a-half-mile stretch of freeway on an abandoned naval base in Alameda, Calif., for one massive stunt chase involving hundreds of vehicles, car-to-car foot pursuits, automatic weapons and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) on a motorcycle.

- Where the first movie had one principal nemesis -- Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) -- Matrix Reloaded will have three: a resurrected Smith and a duo of assassins known simply as "The Twins." Dressed in matching white frock coats and blond dreadlocks, the pair will have the ability to pass through walls.

-The second movie will offer the first-ever glimpse of the human city of Zion. The underground habitation will feature cliffside dwellings stacked one atop another, like cells in a giant hive, with industrial fittings, red doors and tiny mushroom gardens out front. Viewers will also visit the massive city of the machines, about which no one is talking. By the third film, much of the action will occur not in the computer-generated 21st-century city that is The Matrix, but also in the so-called Real World, 800 years from now.

- In the Real World, the audience will reboard the Nebuchadnezzar, the hover craft skippered by Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). But they will also board at least four other ships, including the Mjolnir, named after the Norse god Thor's hammer.

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In other Matrix news...

Have you ever wondered you the 2 twin dreadlock sporting, white leather wearing guys are from all the behind the scenes pictures you've seen? Well, it seems IGN's Filmforce has the answer:

As orginally reported on BCC's Liquid News he twins said that their visually striking characters are actually "rogue viruses within the Matrix mainframe." They're bodyguards to "one of the main characters in the film." "We're inherently evil," they say.

"We play left and right-hand men to Morpheus' opposite – a new guy... the Mirror Vision." According to Neil, "The [Wachowski] brothers' explanation is that we're like a deleted program that will wander the Matrix forever." Adrian adds, "A pool of deleted programs are ruling the Matrix – the Mirror Vision is a magnet for all programs with this desolate lifestyle."

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines:Coming Attractions has gotten a hold of some interesting news on what the heck the robots people saw in the Comic-Con footage were. Here's what they're saying:

According to the County Sun, "Five ten-foot high robots carrying Gatling-gun like automatic weapons were on the scene. There was helicopter wreckage and urban assault vehicles, primarily jeeps and Hummers. And there were 'bodies' littering the airport's tarmac." The bodies were, of course, lifelike mannequins -- but the robots are something entirely new for the Terminator universe.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}The airport's executive director, T. Milford Harrison, described the robots. "They were like transformer toys. They would start out about 5 feet tall and grow to maybe 10 feet."

Star Wars: Episode II: A windows media trailer for the DVD has gone up at IGN's Filmforce. CLICK HERE

Blade III:Teletext is reporting the possible return of Luke Goss in Blade III to reprise his role as reaper, 'Jared Nomak':

I don't know how I reappear in the movie - it's possible I emerge from the embryos that you see at the end of Blade II. I'd like to appear in less make-up. Writer David Goyer is thinking about a Planet Of The Apes type of twist - it's very, very interesting.

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up.

Farscape: Wanna save your favorite sci-fi TV show Farscape from being canceled? There are 2 things you can do according to Coming Attractions:

* Sign the petition to keep Farscape on the air. CLICK HERE

* Write to Sci-Fi's programming department and try to be persuasive. CLICK HERE

* Find out more from the Save Farscape website. CLICK HERE

The Tooth Fairy = Darkness Falls:Fangoria is reporting that the horror flick going by the title of The Tooth Fairy that we've been talking about for months has now been changed to Darkness Falls. The film is slated to open January 31st, 2003.

Poltergeist: According to Fangoria, the original cast of Poltergeist is set to have their 20 year reunion at a showing of the film this Friday in Hollywood. The showing & Q & A with the cast will be held this Friday, the 13th, at 9:30PM, at 4473 Sunset Drive, Hollywood. For more details call (323) 660-6639.

The Scarecrow Lives: The horror flick wrapped shooting this week according to Fangoria. What's this movie about you ask?

SCARECROW concerns the plight of picked-upon trailer-park teenager Lester (played by Tim Young). After a group of bullies kills Lester, he comes back as the titular ghoul for—what else?—revenge.

“Our scarecrow uses stick, straw and assorted farm tools to get the gang that did him wrong,” says York production executive Bill Cunningham, who also contributed to the script with Itier. “Our character has the flavor of Freddy. We also looked at other scarecrow movies like SCARECROWS and NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW to avoid what has been done before. This is a horrific fable, hopefully the first in a series of films set in this strange town of Emerald Grove, which is our Twin Peaks.”

Charlie's Angels 2: Halo:249578%7E0%7Easneakpeekat,00.html|Entertainment Weekly has posted a new photo from the Malibu set of the Charlie's Angels sequel. Take a look! 249578%7E0%7Easneakpeekat,00.html|CLICK HERE

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