Hello loyal Lights Out readers!

fist off, we'd like to apologize for the severe lack of updates the past week. We have been gearing up for something big, and that day has finally arrived! After months and months of some hardcore coding and reworking of the site, we are proud to present a brand new way to experience the movies here at Lights Out Entertainment.

So, let's jump right in and let the new features speak for themselves! Find all of these easy to use features located within our main navigation bar at the TOP and BOTTOM of each page!

The Search Engine

There have been so many changes here at the site, but the biggest change has to be our new search engine. No matter what you're looking for, whether it be a movie, a DVD, DVD Easter Eggs, Reviews, or even trailers, use our newly enhanced search engine to find EXACTLY what you're looking for! Miss something recent? No problem...search our database to find it.

Start searching today by using the search boxes located on EVERY page of the site!

The Movie Vault

Another big change here at the site has been the Movie Vault. We are currently listing the details on hundreds of current and upcoming films. BUT, you've know this. The Movie Vault pages have been revamped in a way that combines the details of EVERYTHING we can find in the digital realm of the internet and presents it an easy to read and easy to navigate format.

As the multimedia, news, reviews, photos, and articles become available for certain films they will be listed on the film's Movie Vault film page. This makes it easy for you to track the movies you're interested in and stay on top of what's going on with them.

A complete film page will list plot outlines, release dates, cast & crew lists, genre category, trailers, film clips, TV spots, production images, DVD information, new headlines related to the film, reviews, DVD reviews, soundtrack reviews, and MUCH more!

Bookmark your favorite films to today and check them often! CLICK HERE

Theatrical Release Dates

We've been waiting for this for a long time. Browse through current, past, and future release date lists with ease. With our massively comprehensive release date schedule you'll exactly when films are hitting theaters, and in the case of less expansive films, where the films will be hitting as well!

Browse through past, current, and future release with ease! CLICK HERE

Box Office Statistics{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}A huge feature we'd like to announce is our Box Office Statistics, which is split into 2 categories. The first category gives a detailed run down of a film's box office take on a daily basis. The statistics include the money a film earned in the past day, the overall take, days in release, theater counts, and more. Track the theatrical business of a film from day to day as the numbers roll in.

Daily Box Office is updated every day at 6PM for the previous day's activity.

The second section is the weekend take of the top 50 films in the market. The weekend stats give a hugely detailed run down of the past weekend which includes all the stats our Daily Box Office give, but also includes details of percentage changes, rank changes, and much more.

Weekend Box Office is updated every Monday by 6PM for the weekend's activity.

Take a look at our new Box Office section! CLICK HERE

Film Trailers & Multimedia

It's needed a new look for a long time coming and finally, it is here! With the latest film trailers and teasers debuting on the internet before anywhere else in the world, we scan various sources several times a day for the latest trailers, teasers, films clips, TV spots, and any other video media we can find on each and every film we list.

Visit the new look of the Trailers section! CLICK HERE

Movie Reviews

Much like our DVD Reviews section, our theatrical film reviews have gotten the same upgrade! Never miss a current film review ever again...CLICK HERE

Soundtrack Section

You may notice that our internet streaming radio stations have gotten a bit of a new look as well. Many people have stated that they would like to see films score, and soundtrack reviews here at Lights Out Entertainment. Well, your wish has been granted! Within this week we will be officially launching our new soundtrack reviews section with tons of insightful reviews of the music that graces the films we love! Stay tuned...

All you soundtrack lovers, don't forget about our Film scores which stream right to your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We've got 3 internet radio stations playing over 200 hours of genre selectable music right now! Listen to your favorite movie tunes all at the click of a button. Stay tuned for a hefty update of new soundtracks hitting the stations very soon!

Visit our soundtrack section! CLICK HERE

Other Updates

As you browse the site you'll find plenty of other updates that have happened to the various sections. Please, this website has been built for the people. If you find something you think should work differently, or a bug of some sort, please, LET US KNOW! We'd love to hear from you!

...And there's still MORE TO COME!

Now that the hard part is over with we still have plenty planned for new features!

Coming this week:

- Soundtrack Reviews

- A newly enhanced webmasters section where site owners will have constantly updated movie content for use on their own sites!

- A newly enhanced short films section!

- A movie newsletter sent out daily, weekly, and monthly!

- New reader columns

- A special treat for Lights Out visitors found NO WHERE else on the internet!

Stay tuned people...and thanks for watching. ~Brian