York Entertainment:Fangoria recently posted the latest comings and goings from York Entertainment, a direct-to-video horror based production company. Take a look...

UNBURIED (delivery date: August 2004): An innocent family, wrongly killed for crimes they didn't commit, are awoken from their graves by the teenage descendents of their accusers, and embark on a revenge-filled killing spree.

10,001 SCARECROWS (delivery date: September 2004): A terrifying living scarecrow is destroyed in an explosion, but the individual pieces come back to life as a scarecrow army bent on destroying the kids responsible for its demise.

MISTER STIXX (delivery date: October 2004): A young man with a rare brittle bone disease fashions a bizarre set of splints and stilts and seeks revenge on those who tormented him.

TORTURER (delivery date: November 2004): When a girl is murdered, her death unleashes a mysterious torturer who stalks her cheerleader classmates for answers.

COLD CALLER (delivery date: January 2005): When a young man dials the wrong number on his cell phone, he unleashes a hellish telemarketer who stalks him through his phone, e-mail and any other electronic device.

Other titles...

SCARECROW GONE WILD just got shifted from a March 2 street date to June 15, and 10,001 is scheduled to follow on October 19. Also on York’s schedule: ALIEN 51, pitting extraterrestrials against Heidi Fleiss, on May 18; CORPSES, the latest from Rolfe, THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE Kanefsky, July 20; DR. CHOPPER on September 21; and, on August 17, BIG BAD BOOGEYMAN, a title we’re sure has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the Sam Raimi-produced BOOGEYMAN is likely to be hitting big screens around the same time.